Between attending football playoff games and looking forward to their Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the Board and members of Squires were planning to celebrate their 53rd Annual Squires Ball. More than 250 area high school students attended the fabulous event on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at Montgomery Country Club.

Chairperson Jordan McBride and Co-chairperson Aynsley Armstrong coordinated the special night with the help of the 2021 Board. Invitations Chair Ivy Ashworth and Co-chair Susan Owen organized the guest list and mailing of the invitations prior to the ball. 

Decorations Chair Genie Lindsey and Co-chair Sarah Elizabeth Burnham created a dramatic setting using the traditional Squires red and black theme and including an elaborate balloon garland designed by Susan Owen winding up the elegant double staircase. Life-sized armored knights flanked the entrance of the Grand Ballroom leading into a medieval scene featuring Senior crests on the walls.

Additional members of the Board include: Karen Bennett, Treasurer, Katie Main, Secretary, Carrie Phillips, Membership Chair, Tait Lachney, Membership Co-Chair, Gina Izer, Publicity, and Kim Jordan Lead Out Co-Chair.

Friends of the honorees gathered in the Grand Ballroom enjoying the band Davis and The Love (DATL) from Atlanta while awaiting the lead out presentation of Squires members and their escorts. The Knight’s Crest featured prominently on the lighted gazebo awning stating “Festi et Amicitiae” the motto of the organization which means “Holidays and Friendships.”

The emcee Billy Irvin announced each Squire as he stepped into the spotlight with his date while the crowd cheered for their friends and fellow students. Parents of the Senior members were invited to attend the festivities while David Hagood Photography captured special moments in photos.

After the presentation, DATL again took the stage and the attendees packed the dance floor to enjoy this event that kicks off the holiday season.

The 2021 Squires Include:


William Carter Ashworth, Benjamin Edgar Baker III, Christopher Hinton Bryan Jr., Luke Christopher Duggar, Lehman Benjamin Easterling IV, Karlson Neil Haynes, Michael Granger Hicks, Jr., Joshua Magee Hixon 

Robert Austin Huffaker III, Zachary Dominic Izer, Charles Alexander Kohn III, Judson Newell Lindsey, Jack Henry Brown McGraw, Morgan Chandler Montgomery, Clay McLain Phillips, Lucas Samuel Pittman, William Michael Romanowski, Patrick William Ryan, Daniel Hadley Scott, John Noble Seale, and John Coleman Stanley 


James Greer Armstrong, Coleman Morgan Bell, Maxwell Allen Bendinger, Thomas Calhoun Bennett, John Breland Burnham Jr., Jackson Pope Champion, James Forrest Dockery, Cade Christopher Edwards, McRae Golson Foshee, Cosner Cade Harrison, Walter Owen Johnson, Thomas Henry Main, Henry Seawell McKee, Walton Allen Norrell, William Robert Owen, Zachary Dalton Shalayda, and Thomas Harding Woodward 


Riley Lanier Britton, Colson Kirby Caddell, Benjamin Hace Duggar, Richardson McConnell Freeman III, William Taylor Hall, William Eugene Hardin IV, Wesley Brewer Houlditch, Luke Still Jordan, John Allen Lachney, Richard Lee McBride III, Bennett Charles Parnell, Winston Stanley Phillips, Charlie Ross Sanders III, John Campbell Shanahan, and Samuel Frazier Treadwell