The Ninth Annual Wynlakes Golf and Country Club Swan Ball, held on February 1, 2020, ushered in the romantic Valentine’s season, and served to honor and present children and grandchildren of Wynlakes members to Montgomery society. Hundreds of teenagers from the River Region area gathered to celebrate the 111 honorees from the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Brent Krause, Wynlakes General Manager and Director of Golf, served as Master of Ceremonies, welcoming the honorees, their guests, parents and grandparents to the Swan Ballroom for the 9pm Lead Out. The honorees were introduced, along with their dates, and formally presented under vibrant colors from hundreds of long-stem roses in shades of pink and red, thread through a large archway. Diane Krause, wife of Brent Krause, served as decorator again this year and she did not disappoint. The Swan Ballroom and loggia were decorated in Valentine’s Day themed décor, where over 800 roses were on display, along with an island of sweet treats that brought a smile to all in attendance. Honorees and their guests had their choice of delicious cupcakes, heart-shaped candies, cookies and many other confections. After the Lead Out ceremony, the band Trotline took the stage to entertain guests on the dancefloor.

A special thank you is extended to the 2020 Swan Ball Chair, Sharon Windham, and her Committee members: Michelle Cely, Cindy DeLongchamp, Stacie Haynes, Stacey Hill and Dawn Patterson, and to Wynlakes Social Director, Beth Jones, for another successful Swan Ball!

The 111 honorees included 26 Seniors, 43 Juniors and 42 Sophomores.

The SENIORS led the way as they were the first honored in the Lead Out line:

William Crawford Aaron, son of Clay and Ashley Aaron, escorting Mary Davis Bricken;

Emilee Gail Arrington, daughter of Jennifer and Glenn Crumpton, escorted by James Collier Dean;

Brooke Avery Avant, daughter of Dave Avant, escorted by Mailon Christopher Reese;

Robert Porter Birmingham, son of Jeannine and Robert Birmingham, escorting Isabella Grace Fizer;

Lucille Ellison Cawthon, daughter of Paige Sanders and Tommy Cawthon;

Alec William Chandler, son of Arla and Stephen Chandler, escorting Mary Wallace Britton;

Brentson Wayne Cox, son of Sherry and Brent Cox, escorting McKenzie AnnaKay Turner;

Michael Luis DeLongchamp, Jr. son of Cindy and Michael DeLongchamp, escorting Charlotte Coleman Speir;

Trinity Vaughn Morgan Goff, daughter of Renee and Chris Goff, escorted by Christopher Todd Davis;

Joseph Paul Higgins, son of Lynn and Tony Higgins, escorting Margaret Wilder Chandler;

Katherine Brooke Horne, daughter of Tracy and Blake Horne, escorted by Cole Ardon Mozingo;

Emery Kyle Kyser III, son of Christy and Kyle Kyser, escorting Miller Madeline Kline;

Lauren Elise LeGrand, daughter of Michelle and Mike LeGrand, escorted by Michael Adams Cohan;

Patrick Thomas Martin, son of Stephanie and Keith Martin, escorting Emily Alexandria Cousins;

Si Etheridge Mathison, Jr., son of Suzanne Mathison Smith and Si Mathison, escorting Lauren Brooks Taylor;

Margaret Anne McNeill, daughter of Margaret and Randy McNeill, escorted by Morgan Cole Formby;

Chadwick Wayne Norris, Jr., son of Chelly and Mac Varner and Chad Norris, escorting Chandler Lynn Brewer;

Caidra Makenzie Owens, daughter of Reagan and Tee Owens, escorted by Brunson Bush Bacheler;

Lauren Ann Peck, daughter of Lynn and Allen Peck, escorted by, Bankston Grey Barfoot;

Andrew Jackson Porter, son of Kaye and Drew Porter;

Andrew Michael Sadie, son of Ashley and Mark Sadie; escorting fellow JUNIOR honoree, Anna Grace Barranco, daughter of Judy and Mike Barranco;

Anna Elizabeth Sadie, daughter of Lisa and John Sadie, escorted by Christopher Edward Valencia;

Anna Claire Slay, daughter of Shae and Brent Slay, escorted by Tyler Michael Bircheat;

Kathryn Combs Toole, daughter of Kay and Joe Toole;

Patrick O’Grande Whetstone, son of Katherine and John David Barranco and Stephen Whetstone, escorting Mary Julian Setzer;

Benton Goodman Willis, son of Kim and Brad Willis.

JUNIOR honorees followed:

Bailey Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Amy and Brandon Anderson, escorted by Spencer Alan Madore;

Winton Preston Cole Armagost, son of Grace Ann and Brad Armagost, escorting Makenzie Kay Corley;

Venus Macy Avezzano, daughter of Remy and Steve Avezzano;

Ryan Hudson Barranco, son of Dawn and Steve Barranco, escorting Morgan McKinley Parish;

Allison Carol Berg, daughter of Sarah and Chris Berg, escorted by Hollis Eugene Johnson;

Isabella Kelly Capouya, daughter of Kelly and Morris Capouya;

Merrily Jeannette Capouya, daughter of Terri and Kenneth Capouya, escorted by fellow JUNIOR honoree, Tyson Collier Eley, son of Lisa and Mike Eley;

Peyton Elizabeth Cely, daughter of Michelle and Joe Cely, escorted by Lucas Clay Sisson;

Brent Walton Cherry, Jr., son of Joy and Brent Cherry, escorting Kaylee Dean Peevy;

Margaret Amelia Conner, daughter of Ashely and Richard Conner, escorted by Lane Oliver Goree;

Anna Worth Craven, daughter of Kimberly and Bryan Craven, escorted by Beau Bankston O’Ferrell;

Jon Everett Dennis, son of Kim and David Dennis;

McRae Middleton Freeman, daughter of Catherine and William Freeman, escorted by Holcombe Jennings Lawson;

Caroline deMontegre Hemmings, daughter of Carrie and John Hemmings, escorted by Jacob Mays McMillan;

Jack Dillon Wilcox Hewitt, son of Jackie and Steve Hewitt, escorting Baleigh Elizabeth Johnson;

Linda Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Robin and Chip Hill;

Mary Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Stacey and Chappell Hill, escorted by Thomas Allen Treadwell, Jr.;

Cecilia Anne Hoffpauir, daughter of Lisa and Greg Hoffpauir, escorted by Spencer Lawrence Bach;

Virginia Irene Hope, daughter of Beth and Mark Hope, escorted by Henry Bernard Lawson;

Coleman Blake Ingram, son of Sara and Lee Ingram, escorting Kate Johnson;

Margaret Healey Mathison, daughter of Suzanne Mathison Smith and Si Mathison, escorted by Harrison O’Neal Hall;

Calli Walden McAdams, daughter of Karen and Greg McAdams, escorted by fellow JUNIOR honoree, Samuel Parker Patterson, son of Dawn and Ben Patterson;

Presley Jayne Miles, daughter of Kelly and Greg Miles, escorted by James Baron Brack;

Jacqueline Alexis Miller, daughter of Jessica and Josh Miller;

Caroline Marie Owen, daughter of Susan and Rob Owen, escorted by Beau Priester;

Bradley Catharine Pirnie, daughter of Natalie and Rob Pirnie, escorted by Lee Gaines Freeman;

Jon Cole Portis, son of Joy and Cole Portis, escorting Callie Allyse Speights;

Olivia Diann Reid, daughter of Brigitte and Glenn Reid, escorted by James Ning Portis;

William Ray Roberson, III, son of Evelyn and Ray Roberson;

Rachel Ann Rodriguez, daughter of Debra and James Rodriguez;

Michelle Marie Rosenberg, daughter of Heidi Christie and Michael Rosenberg, escorted by Luke Chandler Franklin;

Zachary Cameron Russell, son of Heather Russell, escorting Caroline Yancey;

Alisha Singh, daughter of Roly and Sanjeev Singh, escorted by Benjamin Thomas Jordan;

Hannah Grace Taylor, daughter of Emily and Jeff Taylor, escorted by James Andrew McNees;

Kylar Jace Williamson, son of Jennifer and Kenny Williamson, escorting Grace Kellam Massingill;

Jackson Sellers Windham, son of Susan and Paul Windham, escorting Lucy Livingston Mansfield;

Lillian Claire Windham, daughter of Sharon and Jeff Windham, escorted by fellow JUNIOR honoree Joseph Graves Aughtman, son of Jennifer Aughtman and Jay Aughtman;

Aubrey Danya Wright, daughter of Amanda and Jason Wright, escorted by Caden Gill Lockett;

Michael Paul Zanglin, son of Lisa and Paul Zanglin;

SOPHOMORE honorees included:

Ansley Claire Addison, daughter of Lorie and Mike Addison, escorted by Chase Steven Letner;

Emily Rose Benefield, daughter of Cindy and Lewis Benefield, escorted by Michael Anderson Screws;

Lauren Elizabeth Bonikowski, daughter of Mary and Brian Bonikowski, escorted by Frank Walker Parsons;

Garrett Michael Bowen, son of Paige and Brad Bowen, escorting MaryLee Woods Kelso;

Olivia Rose Bowen, daughter of Paige and Brad Bowen, escorted by Joshua Magee Hixon;

Wyatt Daniel Bowen, son of Paige and Brad Bowen;

Anna Elizabeth Colson, daughter of Kelly and Sam Colson, escorted by Michael Barr Armistead;

Hamilton O’Toole Cunningham, son of Beth and Shane Cunningham, escorting Kira Micahlyn Butterbaugh;

Charleston Blair Davis, daughter of Melinda and Sonny Davis, escorted by Jeremy Dylan Swindle;

Lehman Benjamin Easterling, IV, son of Catherine and Ben Easterling, escorting Lillian Beadle Huff;

Graci Foshee, daughter of Traci and Crum Foshee;

Hayley French, daughter of Jenny and Stan French;

Jordan Nicole Gallahar, daughter of Karen and David Gallahar, escorted by Parker Duncan;

Cameron Payne Greene, daughter of Michelle and Jonathan Greene, escorted by Michael Gregory Winn;

Erin Henleigh Grigsby, daughter of Andrea and Patrick Brassell and Andy Grigsby, with fellow SOPHOMORE honoree, Henry Foster Rasmussen, son of Lori and Reid Rasmussen;

Karlson Neil Haynes, son of Stacie and Kevin Haynes, escorting Anna Marie Fett;

Michael Granger Hicks, Jr., son of Michelle and Michael Hicks;

Hayden Houston Hilliard, son of Christi and Harold Hilliard, escorting Anne Marie Durden;

William McLendon Holt, son of Hollie and Tim Holt;

Anna Reese Hunter, daughter of Suzanne and Jeff Hunter;

Zachary Dominic Izer, son of Gina and James Izer, escorting Gabrielle Mae Taylor;

Samuel Thomas Lee, son of Missy and Kevin Lee, escorting Isabella Louise Woodham;

Ella Grace Lowe, daughter of Suzanne and Kip Lowe, escorted by Jack Roper Patty;

Sarah Clay Norris, daughter of Chelly and Mac Varner and Chad Norris, escorted by Matthew Simmons Byrd;

Sanders Alexander Pierce, son of Cheree and Beau Pierce, escorting Mary Gray Turner;

Katherine Leigh Pope, daughter of Abby and Benjy Pope, escorted by William Payton Gaston;

Hannah Claire Rains, daughter of Leigh Ann and Jeff Rains, escorted by Jay A. Ward, IV;

Taylor Danielle Schofield, daughter of Angela and Dan Schofield, escorted by Tapley James Cronier;

Emma Charmagne Sherlin, daughter of Cheris and Stan Sherlin, escorted by Bennett Wilson Murray;

Sydney Charlotte Speagle, daughter of Gina and Scott Speagle, escorted by Matthew Cade Collins;

Elizabeth Ruth Stevens, daughter of Lisa and David Stevens, escorted by fellow SOPHOMORE honoree, Cooper Harrison Long, son of Amy and Harrison Long;

Elizabeth Ann Stewart, daughter of Angie and Tank Stewart, escorted by Jacob Thomas Tucker;

Adam Benjamin Trolinger, son of Paula and Roy Trolinger, escorting Mackenzie Leigh Turner;

Phillip Beck Tuley, son of Scarlette and Jay Tuley, escorting Emma Kate Loughridge;

Katherine Kershaw Warren, daughter of Caroline and Matthew Warren, escorted by fellow SOPHOMORE honoree, Christopher Hinton Bryan, Jr., son of Jill and Chris Bryan;

James Hudson Whitt, son of CeCe and Murry Whitt, escorting Catherine Scott Peeples;

Lauren Grace Wilson, daughter of Briane and Freddie Smith, escorted by Landen George Holley;

Joshua Kenneth Woodling, son of Karol and Darren Woodling, escorting Hadley Elizabeth Locke;

Zoe Marie Zink, daughter of Yolanda and Tom Zink, escorted by Keegan Michael Gentle.