Valiant Cross Academy Scholars Receive An Unexpected Visit From Cedric The Entertainer!

Valiant Cross Academy had a surprise guest today, Cedric the Entertainer. The comedic star heard about the school while in town filming a movie. He shared a little bit of wisdom and encouragement to the scholars. “You have got to believe that your future is ahead of you and believe in yourselves and support each other. “Said Cedric the Entertainer. This is the second time this school year that the scholars have met one of the actors while filming movies in Montgomery, AL. In October, Michael B. Jordan came by our middle school campus and also gave the scholars some motivation and uplifting words to take with them.

“It is a humbling feeling for me to know that people from all walks of life, all over the nation are hearing about Valiant Cross Academy.” Said Anthony Brock, Head of School “It is a constant reminder to the guys that greatness can be obtained.”

For a video of his entire message to the scholars please go to #cedrictheentertainer on Instagram.

Valiant Cross Academy is an all-male school and Leadership Academy located in the heart of downtown Montgomery on historic Dexter Avenue and Troy University Montgomery. Brothers, Anthony and Frederick Brock, both educators were committed to create a school that addressed some of the issues that face young African American males. Our academic program has smaller class sizes, longer days, double the math, and triple the literacy time. These young men are learning that with honor, integrity, discipline, respect and love they can learn to overcome some tough obstacles and become anything they want to be in life.

We want our scholars to have the ability to lead to serve and to inspire. As a result, we hope to increase the literacy rate, the attendance rate, and the graduation rate.

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