Saint James School Travels Back in Time a1

Mrs. Joyce Haven and her second grade class from Saint James School enjoy an experiential field trip to Old Alabama Town.

Mrs. Joyce Haven’s second grade class from Saint James School is studying the history of “People” from long ago. To enrich the lessons of this social studies unit, the STJ classes visit Old Alabama Town in downtown Montgomery to gain a first hand perspective of life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The students tour several landmark sites at Old Alabama Town including the general store, the blacksmith shop, the cotton gin, the doctor’s office, a shotgun-style home, and the one-room school. “The students always love the school,” said Mrs. Haven. “They are fascinated that all the grades are in one room – first through sixth grade,” she continued. “They so enjoy hearing about the school day and even the chores the children are given by their teacher.”

Highlights of the field trip also included the students watching a demonstration of cotton being made into thread and the work going on in the blacksmith shop.

The Old Alabama Town village features completely authentic 19th and early 20th century homes and buildings that have been saved from demolition, carefully restored, and reopened to the public as a history museum. At Old Alabama Town, visitors learn how early Americans of all backgrounds lived and worked in Central Alabama.