Saint James Elementary School Learns about Emergency Readiness

Saint James students, grades 3-5, participated in the Pillowcase Project with Hands on River Region – an initiative that provides age appropriate emergency readiness instruction.

During the Wednesday, September 12, 2018 assembly of the Saint James upper elementary students (grades 3-5), volunteers from Hands On River Region spoke with the children about family emergency preparedness and safety skills.

Part of the assembly was devoted to the Pillowcase Project – an initiative that evolved from stories of Loyola University students packing emergency belongings in their pillowcases during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Saint James students decorated their pillowcases and were taught types of essential items to transport in times of emergency. Also included in their pillowcases - a letter from Hands on River Region, a family communication plan, and a list of essential supplies to pack in the pillowcase in the event of an emergency.

The students also welcomed three firefighters from the Bell Road fire station to their assembly on safety. The students wanted to express their thanks to the firefighters for keeping them safe. As a token of appreciation, the Saint James family provided the firefighters’ unit with lunch and dinner that day.