Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School third grader, Justin Lee, has earned 2,718.6 AR points in 9 months, for the Accelerated Reader program, breaking the national record. Montgomery Catholic held an awards ceremony at their Holy Spirit Campus on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Justin received a black top hat with a brass plate explaining his accomplishment.  

    Accelerated Reader is a motivational computer program used to encourage purposeful reading.

    To earn points, students must read books in their reading ability range and pass tests on those

books. The students earn AR points based on the difficulty of the book and the number of questions they answer correctly. The AR Program is used in all major cities of the U.S. and in thousands of schools throughout the nation.

    There are a number of students at the Holy Spirit Campus that have an exceptional number of points, but they all fall short of breaking the record. The top five point earnings for the 2020-2021 school year are: 2,718.6 points, 308.9 points, 286.5 points, 275.7 points, and 239.5 points.

   Montgomery Catholic is proud to celebrate Justin's amazing accomplishment, and we look forward to continuing the reading successes of all of our students next school year.