MA Students argue  appeals case

Photo: Montgomery Academy students Easton Strickler, Jones Corley, Alisha Singh, and Caroline Deale at the YMCA National Judicial Competition in Chicago.

Four Montgomery Academy students participated in the YMCA National Judicial Competition in Chicago a few weeks ago. Appellate teams of Caroline Deale/Jones Corley and Alisha Singh/Easton Strickler argued an appeals case in front of a panel of student justices several times over the course of two days. They also served as appellate court justices when they weren’t presenting their oral arguments. Last year, Sofie Behr and Will Hamlett were the first team from Alabama to participate in the appellate competition. Mrs. Stephanie Hill serves as the advisor.

Since 2012, the YMCA National Judicial Competition (NJC) strives to develop Youth and Government teens into competent, active, civic-minded citizens through a hands-on Mock Trial and Appellate Moot Court program. NJC encourages collaboration by presenting case arguments as a team and respectfully debating opposing teams from other states. It also increases confidence in presentation and reasoning skills as well as knowledge of the judicial system in the United States