Twenty-two Trinity 7th graders were selected to participate in the DUKE TIP Talent Search based on their scores on one or more of the subtests on either of their two most recent standardized achievement, aptitude, or mental ability tests. Students had to score in the 95th percentile or higher to qualify. The 7th Grade Talent Search helps educators and families find out how advanced their students' abilities truly are and what level of educational challenge is appropriate. Eligible 7th graders are invited to take either the ACT or SAT college entrance exams, which allows them greater insight into their abilities and also provided them with valuable benefits and resources.

One of last year's qualifiers, Tabitha Tegman received GRAND RECOGNITION based on her ACT test score, and attended Wake Forest for a 3-week Psychology class this summer.

Students who qualified this year (listed in alphabetical order): Matthew Blake, Reagan Bulmer, Nora Beth Grayson, Bentley Harris, Kaylee Henderson, Isabel Hill, John Scott Jackson, Luke Jones, Olivia Kearley, Cayson Keller, Carson King, Webber McClinton, Mary Massey McCulloch, Emma McDaniel, Erin Mitchell, Winston Phillips, Coleman Potts, Mason Slay, Jackson Thomas, Samuel Treadwell, Buddy Watson and Ella Wiswall.