Art Parker

Many of you are gasping when I say I agree with Josh Moon. Before you send hate mail and all of that emotional stuff let me qualify that statement and say…I agree with him this week. While Josh and I are friends and have known each other quite a while, I disagree with him frequently. Once you read Josh’s column on page 5 you will see why we are on the same page.

Isn’t it a shame that we can’t interrogate, examine and investigate our candidates for governor as we do our Supreme Court nominees? I wonder what we would find out about…uh, what’s her name?

I can’t remember her name but she is running for governor against Walt Maddox. She is rarely seen unless she is cutting a ribbon or making some other five minute appearance as governor. What’s her name?

She is the one that dodges questions about anything but wants to take credit for everything the taxpayers may like. Gee, what’s her name?

She is the one that will not do one on one interviews, probably because she will need to appear lucid and answer questions. When she does go somewhere it seems that she is accompanied by those making sure she gets in and gets out quickly, and they always seem to guide her around holding one of her arms. Now, what’s her name?

In the August 23 edition of The Independent, my friend and colleague, Steve Flowers addressed her refusal to debate as follows: “I do not believe that she has the stamina to physically stand up for an hour or two, much less answer questions. It would be political suicide for her handlers to put her in that trap. She would become befuddled and anxious. She would be prone to putting on a show worse than Big Jim Folsom’s appearance on TV in 1962. It would be a good show.” In other words Steve believes she can’t debate and I agree. Now, what’s her name?

Not long ago she established a committee (of sorts) to try and increase awareness and participation in the next census, since Alabama is on the brink of losing another seat in the U.S. House, and an electoral vote. The key words here are awareness and participation. Her handlers worked quickly to make sure she was seen addressing this problem, but there again, she doesn’t really address anything. Speaking of census participation, it’s too bad she dodges participation in the discussion of issues and makes sure there is a lack of real awareness of our governor and what she stands for. So much for setting an example. Now, what’s her name?

Token appearances like this are about the only thing she has done. Our state has monumental problems with corrections, Medicaid, etc., and the list goes on and on. Yet she has done nothing that I have seen to address these issues and show the citizens any plan to solve problems facing our state.

The questions about her continue to swirl around Montgomery. There has been the constant chatter of ill health and how she suffered a stroke. I hope she is in good health, but the people have a right to know her health status. In the last few months there have been several that have told me that the reason she seems to have someone near her side at all times and the reason why she doesn’t hang around for more than a few minutes is that she is heavily medicated. I don’t know if that is true, but the people of Alabama have the right to know that about her.

We just survived an Accidental Governor, Robert Bentley, and his paramour Rebekah Mason; who gave him directions from the back seat of the car. We do not need, again, a governor that requires a back seat driver, but the current Governor seems to need one more than Bentley.

What’s her name? Oh that’s right. It’s Kay Ivey, the woman pretending to be our Governor. I couldn’t remember her name because she is not a visible, problem solving leader.

It’s a month to go before the election and mindless party loyalty is about to reward Ivey for just showing up. I could never vote for her. She represents the old school and the old way of doing things.

And just where has the old school gotten us?