As you may know, health care is one of the most pressing and most complicated issues facing our entire country today. The debate in Congress surrounding how to best protect patients from surprise medical billing is a perfect example. There is a mutual consensus that patients should not be subjected to reimbursement disputes between health care providers and their insurance companies. Currently, the issue is over how to best protect patients while preserving the strength and vitality of our hospitals, emergency departments, and other health care facilities serving our communities. 

The No Surprises Act is an attempt to eliminate the practice of surprise medical billing in a way that threatens patient access to care as well as the physicians and facilities that operate tirelessly to provide the quality care for the communities they serve. The approach taken by this Act would put the government in control of determining and setting commercial payment from insurers to providers, thereby jeopardizing access to emergency care and threatening the capability of providers and hospital systems. 

I am aware that there are difficulties in recruiting and retaining doctors and others in the medical field without benchmarking their reimbursement to a lower rate than they would be provided by Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR). 

All of us should support an end to the tactic of surprise billing and also ensure that IDR is included in the final bill. Without it, we’re solving a patient problem and creating another one for doctors.