I wasn’t invited. Neither were you. Not that hardworking folk of South Alabama could afford it anyway. Tonight (September 21st) Representative Martha Roby, is absent from our district again. She’s in Birmingham at some fat-cat, private fundraising dinner. The price per plate is $10,000 to $30,000. That’s more than many of us make all year to feed our family.

So, if that doesn’t ruin your appetite, consider this; if it costs that just to sup with her, which constituents have her ear in Washington? Give you two guesses and it ain’t you or me. Our wallets ain’t that big.

Now we know Martha is the epitome of the “Career Politician.” Her big corporate donors prove she’s bought and paid for. Her on-again / off-again loyalty to our district (or the President) is telling.

Ever notice Martha has been missing in this district? She hasn’t hosted a public town hall in half a decade. That’s a middle finger to the working class — she can’t know our needs. She hasn’t asked. She’s

accountable to us. We may not have the cash to get her attention, so send her a message with your vote.

Roby must go. Friday, when many of us are enjoying $5 hot dogs at a high school football game, imagine Martha with the other political piggies at that silver-spoon gala. We are worlds apart. I’m voting

Tabitha Isner. When I call her number, Tabitha listens. Tabitha is accessible. She speaks truth, shows love and seeks solutions. Vote Isner.