To the editor:

Do you know who your congressional representative is? I only ask because it’d be understandable if you didn’t. Our current representative for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District is Martha Roby, and she has not held a public townhall in this district since 2013. If that seems odd to you, it should.

The job of Martha Roby is to represent the constituents in our district, but how can you represent people that you refuse to hear from. I have attempted to contact Martha Roby several times. So far, I have had a solid 0% success rate.

Troy University College Democrats reached out to Martha’s challenger, Tabitha Isner, in an attempt to schedule a candidate debate. In typical Tabitha Isner-fashion, she responded and agreed that very day. The College Republicans of Troy University reached out to Martha Roby as well, and in typical Martha Roby-fashion, she rejected the request within two weeks. This was not the only time that Martha Roby has hidden from the public view. Over the past few months, Martha Roby has denied constituent requests to debate and hold public debates several times over the past few election cycles. Consequently, Tabitha Isner will speak alone to students at Troy University on September 10.

Martha Roby believes she has our vote regardless. She believes we do not pay attention. She believes she can get away with avoiding her own constituents. I believe we should have public discussions. I believe our politicians’ ideas should be scrutinized and tested. I believe it is our civic duty to hold our representatives accountable. Martha Roby is hiding. Martha Roby should be held accountable. Vote Tabitha Isner on November 6, 2018.