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Art Parker, Editor

It has been said that a lawyer who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client. I wonder if psychology professionals say that anyone who treats himself/herself has a fool for a patient.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault three decades ago, is a college professor in California. She earned her doctorate in psychology in 1996 at the University of Southern California. Safe to say she has been a psychology professional for 22 years. She claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.


Ford claims she never talked about the alleged incident with Kavanaugh until 6 years ago when she participated in couples’ therapy with her husband. So for 30 years Ford never got help. The immediate 16 years prior to her getting help happened to be when she held a doctorate degree in psychology, of all things. If the allegations were true then she was either avoiding treatment or treating herself. I don't believe either is good for someone who should be unquestionably qualified to determine when psychological help is needed.

I find her claims against Kavanaugh hard to believe because of the aforementioned facts. Plus her story because far less believable when you consider the total lack of facts she could not remember surrounding the incident, such as:

*The time, date and location of the party where Kavanaugh assault her, and

*How she got to the party, and

*Who was at party, and

*Who drove her from party, but,

*She is one hundred percent sure Kavanaugh assaulted her.


She teaches graduate students clinical psychology. Does she teach them to forget as well?

Her testimony was frightening and disgusting. But emotions mean nothing when proven facts mean everything, and in her testimony Thursday Ford offered plenty of the former and clearly none of the latter. You can’t have anyone arrested for any level of crime unless the important questions of who, what, when, where, how and why are answered. Ford can only answer the question of who and that’s it. One news report I read hit the nail on the head…she didn’t offer enough to even get a search warrant much less have someone arrested. And the Democrats want the FBI to investigate an allegation of a state crime (not a federal crime) that is 36 years old without any reliable information as to where or when?

I’m sure in some ways Kavanaugh was just like me at one time – young and stupid. It doesn’t sound like he was much different from most boys growing up, at least no one has proven otherwise. I may be proven wrong but I feel safe in saying that there is no evidence to prove Kavanaugh’s actions as a teenager were as manipulative, dishonest and diabolical as what the Democrats have done over the last few weeks.

Both political parties are about as low as elephant dung. Thus far, this is an incident where the Democrats should be ashamed of what they have done with the manufacturing of Ford as a witness, and all other witnesses that have been a victim of Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior.

Like Republicans, the Democrats have no shame. They just happen to be the ones deeper in the dung this time, thus far.

Things have now changed. The President has ordered an FBI investigation to satisfy a few Republicans and the Democrats. One must remember that Kavanaugh has been vetted SIX times in his career as a federal employee. Six times. If the FBI does produce something it will surely turn out to be a monstrous black eye on the Bureau, an already wounded agency deemed incompetent and crooked by many. How could the FBI get it wrong six times? If credible evidence surfaces about the Kavanaugh allegations, Trump will then rant about the FBI and the Justice Department being terrible, Jeff Sessions will catch more hell and the Democrats will be champions of the day, and the reputation of the FBI further damaged. If the FBI cannot produce any credible evidence then the Democrats are going to scream bloody murder and declare the fix is in by an incompetent law enforcement unit that is part of a Republican administration. Then Trump will rant and twitter bad things about the Democrats, and it wouldn't surprise me if he declares the FBI the greatest organization in the world.

There is no clear win for anybody. But as of today I think Republicans will have more reason to shout victory than the Dems.   

Managing Editor