I am writing to urge all of your readers to get out and vote in the upcoming midterm elections and vote Republican. The Democrats has spent the last 25 years devolving into full blown socialists and anti- Christian and anti-traditional moral values zealots, and supporters of the global government agenda of The United Nations. 

In the Second District race Martha Roby is opposed by a socialist Democrat who is not even an Alabamian. That candidate, Tabitha Isner only moved to Alabama two years ago and she supports socialism at the Federal level, increased taxes, open borders, unrestricted abortion and homosexual marriage and adoption of children. Ms. Isner would be better off running for Congress in San Francisco or New York City.

In the Third District race the Republican candidate Mike Rogers is opposed by Mallory Hagan whose only list of accomplishments are running in beauty pageants and majoring in fashion merchandising in college. In looking at her campaign website she doesn't even know the difference between the roles of the Federal Government and the State Government.

The only qualified candidates are Roby and Rogers and I urge your readers to vote for them.

G. William Gill

Montgomery, AL