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There is no doubt that you have heard it before. The only thing constant is change. It’s hard to accept, or it is for me, especially as I get older. I really don’t like changes, especially if it is a major change in my life. Quite often the little things are a big deal to me.

It happens at least once per month at my house. Mrs. Parker moves something. That means I can‘t find it. To her it is a small thing but to me it’s life changing. About a month ago she moved the flashlights and didn’t tell me about the relocation job. The other day I went to the place where flashlights have been for at least ten years and guess what – no flashlights. It almost pushed me over the edge. Of course she acts like it is no big deal. Change that seems senseless. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a husband (please, no hate mail ladies).

It’s like my truck. I have an old Toyota Tacoma – straight shift. It will be twenty five years old in a few weeks. The odometer is nearing the quarter million mile mark. It’s has dents in a variety of places and could stand a paint job – something that will not happen. My wife is always on me about buying another vehicle. Actually I think she wants a new car and she will then gladly bequeath hers to me. Not doing it. Nope. I love my truck and will keep it. I will quit using the wonderful gem of transportation when it falls to pieces one day in the middle of the street. There is no reason for me to change vehicles. I like mine just fine and it gets the job done. It doesn’t use much gas and it is fun to drive. Besides, what my wife doesn’t realize is the benefit she receives by my stubbornness not to change. All too frequently she decides something needs to be discarded – something too big for the garbage bin we take to the curb. Of course she never tells me about her decisions to toss anything out, I just see it in the bed of my truck. That’s my cue take it to the dumpster at the office. If I get rid of my truck her junk man doesn’t have a means of transporting what she no longer wants.

I just don’t like changing things and I’m sure you have reluctance, to some degree, to accept changes.

Obviously you are experiencing a change if you are reading this with the new print edition of The Montgomery Independent in your hand. Yes we made a change, but this change was not without reason.

A couple of months ago our printing provider told us that the current machine used to print our newspaper for the last seventeen years was about to fall over dead and the cost of maintenance had become unbearable. The only alternative we had with our current provider was to have the newspaper printed in a completely different format on a different machine with an increase in cost.

This caused committee meetings which included the entire staff of the very few we have on payroll. It was determined that another provider must be sought. We wanted to keep everything the same (remember, no change is good) but the problem is that the size of the newspaper we published all these years was no longer available. After a nerve racking search we finally reached agreement with another provider. The unavoidable major change was the smaller size.

So as you hold the new and smaller Indy please realize this was a necessary change – different than hiding the flashlights in my house. One thing to bear in mind is that you will continue to receive the same desirable content as in the past. We decided to make some improvements while we were making the overall change. The most significant improvement will be an “all color” newspaper.

I hope you will embrace the new Montgomery Independent. We are grateful for your loyalty.