The Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) and the City of Montgomery held a joint news conference at the ADAH on Monday, December 3, 2018, at 10:00 am to announce plans to open Montgomery’s bicentennial time capsule, currently held at the ADAH. The capsule, sealed 49 years ago in 1969, will be opened one year from Monday, on December 3, 2019, the 200th anniversary of the incorporation of Montgomery. Members of the media are invited to attend the announcement.

The time capsule contains magazines, newspapers, brochures and other materials from across the city, letters written by Montgomery residents to their descendants, and letters from then Alabama Governor Albert Brewer, Montgomery Mayor Earl James, and other city officials to their successors 50 years in the future. In 1969, as part of the city’s 150th anniversary commemorations, the capsule was sealed during a ceremony held at the ADAH. Instructions dictated it be opened on Montgomery’s bicentennial, December 3, 2019, and the letters written by Montgomerians to their descendants be delivered. Other materials will be held in the collections of the ADAH.

“Opening the time capsule will be a fun way to mark the city’s bicentennial,” said ADAH director Steve Murray. “The fact that it was sealed only fifty years ago means that many contributors of the capsule’s contents are still with us and can enjoy recalling the city’s 150th celebration in 1969.”

“Montgomery's past propels us toward an even brighter future, and we hope to continue building a better city in learning more about the people, places and things that mattered most to community leaders 50 years ago while also reflecting on their vision for what Montgomery could be,” said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. “Living and working alongside Director Murray and the dedicated Archives' staff has afforded our city an unforgettable way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Capital of Dreams!”