We are all familiar with what football season means to Alabama, and Montgomery proper. Tailgating, bragging, and good food are part of it. So is the cooler weather that accompanies football season. But I've observed another season that may have gone unnoticed. In driving around town, I began to notice that customers at our local eateries were just as apt to eat on the patios on pretty days as they were to eat inside. That happened so frequently that it was no fluke, no coincidence. This Patio Season runs approximately three months, September, October, and November.

After November, the colder temperatures and sometimes nasty weather can force these Patio Eaters inside. The Patio Eaters don't look any different from anybody else, so you may have seen some of them at the grocery store or soccer game and didn't realize it! I compiled a few photos of this rare breed at Chappy's Deli, Chris' Hot Dogs, Sinclair's, Sweet Creek Farm, and Cafe Louisa among others. Do you recognize any of them? Don't be hesitant. Get your group together, and join the Patio Eaters!