On display concurrently with the 43rd Montgomery Art Guild Museum Exhibition is the exhibition of artist Richard Mills. Mills is the Montgomery Art Guild's Featured Artist and is a professor emeritus of Fine Art at Auburn University Montgomery. His career as fine arts professor at AUM spanned 30 years.

Margaret Lynne Ausfeld, exhibition curator, says that Mills' exposure to various places and myriad points of view reveals itself in the structure of his work, which tends to reference architecture and defined spaces through the use of various framing devices. "In many of his works, elements descend from beneath an arch or lintel-like shape that centers the energy in the overall composition," Ausfeld says. "Some of his works are geometric and regular, while others are stubbornly organic and irregular."

Ausfeld observes that a finished work seems the product of a negotiation between the work and the artist. The energy of those negotiations coalesces in the final melding of timeless elemental forces like "fire and ice" complemented by the real world of "burnt toast" and other "stuff." To sum up Mills, she says: "Mills' titles suggest the wonderful hidden world of narrative that lives at the heart of works that come to life in the artist's studio, calling up visual memories of scenes and places experienced and imagined." Mills' works may be viewed upstairs at the Museum through July 21st.