Students at Faulkner University took part in the “Kicks and Code" event on April 20th for what the university calls “an immersive STEM learning experience.”

During the event the students used iPads to design their own shoes and then learned how to design a mobile app prototype. The apps showcase their designs and support a charitable cause of their choice.

Kicks and Code was held in partnership with Ed Farm, whose Learning Innovation Coach Brittany Wade says none of the students at the event had any experience writing code.

“You don't have to know all the aspects of coding to get into app design. So, this is kind of a ‘get your feet wet’ kind of situation,” Wade says.

Faulkner's STEM series coordinator, Elizabeth Davis, says the school holds six STEM series events each year and will continue them in the fall.

“We’ll do some with drones and cyber security. We're just getting started,” Davis says.

During the Kicks and Code event students received expert guidance from experienced mentors as they used state-of-the-art tools and technology to bring their designs to life.

Wade says the event was “just for fun” and students do not receive course credit for their work although food and drinks were provided and each student received a “swag bag.”

These bags contained items from Ed Farm and even products such as earbuds from Apple which came through the company's partnership with Ed Farm.

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