Historic Preservation Awards 2019

HPC Chairman Dr. Richard Bailey (right) presented Deborah & Steven Hostetter with the award for Overall Restoration in a Residential Project - 1349 South Perry Street 

The City of Montgomery Historic Preservation Commission recently held the 2019 Historic Preservation Awards at City Hall in downtown Montgomery. Christy Anderson, Historic Preservation Coordinator, said that this years nominations were taken and awards presented on projects with a varying level of complexity from restoring paint schemes to reproducing and replacing architectural details, to wholesale rehabilitation.

The following awards were presented at the ceremony:

Deborah & Steven Hostetter 

Overall Restoration in a Residential Project

1349 South Perry Street 

Lynn & Brenda Bryant

Best Historic Paint Scheme in a Residential Project

2215 Winona Avenue 

Old House Specialists, LLC

Restoration Craftsmanship

 Bell Building Window Restoration 

Glen & Suzette Riley

Neighborhood Stabilization

3154 LeBron Road

(with honorable mention to: Danton Moses 1204 South McDonough Street) 

Robert & Brandy Price

Sensitive New Additions to Historic Residential Buildings

740 Felder Avenue

George Criminale & Sara Wood

The Underdog Award

21 Whitman Street  

Cindy Clark  & Carol Mosely

Landscape & Garden Restoration in a Residential Project

109 North Lewis Street 

Jerald Labovitz

Overall Restoration of a Commercial Property

Ruth & Son’s Building

25 Dexter Avenue 

Jerome Moore, III

Best reintroduction of a storefront

424 Bibb Street 

Judkins Blount & Tom Blount

Creative repurposing of a Commercial Building

Vintage Café

416 Cloverdale Road

Honorable mentions went to: Pfeffer Torode Architecture 1616 Graham Street and Foshee Architecture 21 South Court Street