Four contests will go to runoff

   On October 8 Montgomery voters will go back to the polls to finalize four seats in the municipal runoff election. At the top of the ballot voters will be asked to decide who the mayor will be. Out of a dozen candidates Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven Reed and Montgomery businessman David Woods made it into the runoff receiving around 42% and 24% of the vote respectively. Three Montgomery City Council contests will be decided in the runoff as well. Incumbent Tracey Larkin and challenger Marche Johnson will face off in the District 3 race. Cornelius Calhoun and Phyllis Harvey-Hall will face each other in the District 5 race after incumbent William Green was defeated. Finally Oronde Mitchell and Jonathon Dow will face off in the District 6 runoff election. Fred Bell, who currently holds the seat did not seek re-election.

We asked Reed and Woods what sort of crowd are they expecting and what it would take for each candidate to secure a majority of votes?

“Montgomery voters are deeply interested in the direction of their city. With a dozen candidates on the original August 27th ballot, some voters just stayed home. I expect runoff turnout to be as high - if not higher - than the first round election. Too much is at stake for the future direction of our city,” Woods said.

“Typically, a well-known elected official with the highest name ID peaks in the first election as everyone is already familiar with that candidate. Steven Reed did his best to win outright, but he couldn't pull it off. He continuously told people that there would be no run-off. Guess what happened? 58% of the people who voted chose someone else. There is a runoff thanks to the large number of voters who got behind us and other pro-Montgomery candidates. We do wish to thank everyone who voted for David Woods. After I made the runoff, the outpouring of support from every side of town has been humbling. Hundreds of community leaders from all across town are asking, ‘How can we help you become the next mayor of Montgomery?’ I appreciate every person who has called and offered support,” Woods added.

Reed’s campaign says they expect higher turnout than before and that those votes will be cast for Reed.

“We think turnout will be slightly up from the 27th because people are tuning in and focusing more now that we are down to two candidates. We reached 44% with 12 other candidates in the race. That’s almost unheard of. We got there because of the coalition Judge Reed has built over the last 7 years. People across this community know him and they trust him. Our polling shows that we we will pick up additional votes from some of the other candidates. That places us in a serious trajectory for a sizable victory,” Reed said.