If you were driving past Hampstead the other day and thought you smelled food cooking, you weren’t wrong. Those who followed their nose, followed it directly to the Hampstead Town Center. Once again, Hampstead was holding a Food Truck Takeover! The April 18th event had eight or so food trucks, offering everything form ice cream and cookies, to tacos, to BBQ brisket, and more! If you couldn’t find something you liked, you weren’t hungry.

Though showers had been bouncing around a day or two before, the 18th was ready-made for food truck fun! While some folks started-out with a Brewster’s Ice Cream or Jackie Lucas’ Made Cookies, most reserved those treats for last. As determined by the length of the lines, it was easy to determine which food trucks were crowd favorites that day. That was determined by just what your taste buds were ready for! Maybe your fancy that day was street food, etc., from NYCGYRO, or That’s My Dog? Others made a bee-line for Fire Meets Wood, and their mouth-watering brisket and ribs. Even others never got far from Brewster’s Ice Cream or Made Cookies. That’s fine. They are your taste buds, and you know how to handle them!

The Food Truck Takeover events not only enable visitors to enjoy the offerings of various local food vendors, but the casual atmosphere lends itself to conversation with others and making new friends as well. Kim Traff of RSVP Magazine and coordinator for the event hints that more food truck outings are in the works. It seems likely that another event at Hampstead might happen in May, or maybe this fall? Just keep your eyes and ears open because you certainly don’t want to miss another food truck happening. If you have questions, you can contact Traff at kimtraff@rsvp-montgomery.com Or as a last resort, if you smell cooking out that way on the weekend around noon, just follow your nose!