The Montgomery County Commission heard a proposed resolution on January 17th to approve moving forward with phase three of the Montgomery Thrive initiative but it quickly became apparent that the resolution was dead on arrival.

Commissioner Dan Harris immediately questioned the items contained in the resolution, saying, “there are several items I could never support.” Commissioner Isaiah Sankey agreed and told the other members that he is not sure what is in phase three and several city council members have told him that they are not sure either.

Harris continued by saying that he felt the initiative members were “still in the middle of a conversation” about what would be contained in phase three. He went on to add that, in his opinion, the money that has been spent so far “is not getting to the people it needs to.”

He then told the other commissioners that when the partnership between the county and city began” it was never my understanding that the entire $43 million would be put into this pot.” Commissioner Ronda Walker agreed, saying there was “never any discussion” about putting the entire amount of funds the county received through the American Rescue Plan into the Thrive initiative.

Chairman Doug Singleton suggested holding the resolution over until another Thrive meeting takes place, saying, “we can go back and talk again and get a better understanding.”

In other business Singleton introduced new county attorney Michael Armistead who is replacing longtime attorney Thomas Gallion. Gallion had already announced his retirement in a previous meeting. Armistead comes to Montgomery from Choctaw County where he was a former County commission chairman and probate judge.

The next meeting of the Montgomery County Commission will be held on Tuesday February 7th at 9:00 a.m. at the Montgomery County courthouse annex 3.