After The Montgomery Independent published Commissioner Dan Harris' comments below. Mayor Steven Reed's office responded with the following statement:

Commissioner Harris’ comments are concerning but seem to be unfounded and false. According to our records, he has neither called, dropped by City Hall nor requested by any other means a meeting with the City and Mayor Reed. Mayor Reed and our City Council representatives are in regular conversation with their counterparts at the County Commission. In fact, Commissioner Harris was invited to a press conference to celebrate Montgomery’s transit employees yesterday — an event attended by Mayor Reed, Commissioner Singleton, Councilman Calhoun and Rep. Morris. 
 However, Commissioner Harris did not attend.

By Drew Martin


As part of its meeting on May 5th the Montgomery County Commission was joined via telephone by attorney Terri Reynolds with Levitate Legal to discuss plans to move on to phase two of the Montgomery Thrive Initiative.

“We're really trying to pick up the pace here,” Reynolds said as the group works to make sure that any contractors hired to provide services are compliant with the rules laid out by the treasury department for how funds from the American Rescue Plan can be used.

As commissioners discussed smaller projects they have recommended Commissioner Dan Harris spoke up to say that he wants to focus on bigger projects first and smaller projects later. One such project proposed by Harris is the construction of new community centers and upgrades to existing centers but he says that he has yet to see any cooperation from the City of Montgomery.

“I can't get a meeting with the city,” Harris says even though he says he has been trying for months to speak with city officials about community centers.

“I've been run around by, I'm on my second mayor now,” Harris says.

The other members of the commission agreed with Harris that all projects should be considered and discussions will be held with Levitate Legal and representatives from the city. Phase two of the Montgomery Thrive Initiative is projected to be completed by the end of July.

Elsewhere in the meeting Christy Thornton with the city/county Emergency Management Agency informed the commission that the county has been downgraded from “substantial” to “moderate” risk for covid-19 transmission.

Thornton also told the commission that FEMA has made hazard mitigation funds available for local governments in times of a presidentially declared disaster but the county must first apply to receive those funds should they be needed.

The next meeting of the Montgomery County Commission will be held on Tuesday May 17th at 9:00 a.m. at the Montgomery County courthouse annex 3.