“College Colors Day”

Photo: Gordon Stone with the mascots

“The Higher Education Partnership is pleased to be celebrating the value of a university education with our friends from across the state as we all display our university pride on this College Colors Day – August 30, 2019! It is great to be able to collectively kick-off the new academic year with enthusiasm for the value of higher education. Nothing says I support my school like wearing your colors!” said Gordon Stone, Executive Director of the Higher Education Partnership.

The Partnership serves as the advocacy voice for all 14 of Alabama’s public universities. Working with more than 180,000 student, faculty, staff, alumni and other supporters, the Partnership regularly communicates the value of higher education to the people of the state.

“The Higher Education Partnership and the supporters of the four-year institutions encourage the state’s leaders to join with us as we participate in this exciting day of celebration. The lives of every citizen are improved by the work of the universities in engineering, health care, agriculture, and numerous other areas. When you consider our great sports programs, arts investments, humanities, business projects and educational services, we have many reasons to be fans. There is a significant return on investment for every dollar appropriated to the public universities,” said Stone.