Tell Me a Story: My Life with Pat Conroy

Best-selling author Cassandra King Conroy was born and raised in Alabama’s Wiregrass region. She later embraced a move to South Carolina’s mesmerizing Lowcountry, where she currently lives.

Written with honesty and humor, “Tell Me a Story: My Life with Pat Conroy” is a touching memoir of King Conroy’s life with acclaimed author Pat Conroy.

King Conroy is courageously open as she vividly tells of her friendship and romance with Pat Conroy. Readers feel welcomed to peer into the lives of these two renowned authors as King and Conroy combine family and friends, share flavorful meals, travel to picturesque places and write their award-winning books.

Pat Conroy knew he had met his match with Cassandra King. The two writers were the perfect pair. Readers will be enriched by this story of deep sadness and immense joy.

There are no family photographs in her book, but King Conroy has posted Tell Me a Story Photo Album on her website

The author of seven books, King Conroy was scheduled to be in Montgomery for this year’s Alabama Book Festival. She was planning to give a reading of “Tell Me a Story” at Read Herring bookstore. Due to the coronavirus crisis, King Conroy’s book tour and Alabama’s popular book festival have been postponed. We hope to see her soon.

Martha Rouse Gates reads and writes from Montgomery, her hometown.