Each year, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts’ Flimp Festival draws families from all across the city. The event combines imagination, creativity, and art and games, making it enjoyable for all ages. As for the grown-ups, they enjoyed the music of Calliope Pettis and Wanda Wesolowski of Montevallo. The big attraction this year was the sidewalk chalk skills of nationally renowned chalk artist, Jennifer Richardson. The first 250 visitors to the Festival received a free box of sidewalk chalk, and it is estimated that nearly 500 visitors attended the event in May.

When we were children, we drew on the sidewalk with blackboard chalk, and white was the only color we had. Normally we got into trouble for doing it, unless the girls were gearing-up for hopscotch! Today, colored sidewalk chalk is used by genuine sidewalk chalk artists who compete and are in high demand for public appearances. Chalk artist Jennifer Richardson loves connecting people to the arts through creating, teaching, and experiencing art in person.

While teaching art history at The Art Institute of Tennessee (Nashville), she organized her students to participate in the first Nashville Chalk Festival and has participated every year since.

As her interest in chalk art grew, she began traveling to various festivals and became a member of the International Street Painting Society and the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild. When she isn’t covered in chalk, Jennifer puts her M.A. in art history to use as the Education and Curatorial Assistant at the Nashville Parthenon and providing art lessons to her local community through her own art haven, Golden House Studio. The awards she’s won include the 2019 Albany Museum of Art Chalk Fest, and the 2019 Arcadia Chalk Festival. Her public appearances have taken her across the country from Florida to Kentucky, Georgia to Nebraska, and Arkansas to Missouri. Without question, this year’s Flimp Festival was a Chalk Celebration! Support for the Flimp Festival is provided by lead sponsor, The Caring Foundation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.