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Doris Buffett was the older sister of Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. Warren announced in 2006 that he wanted to donate most of his $77 billion fortune before he died. Doris volunteered to sift through all of the requests and to make recommendations to her brother.

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Wilson “Pierce” Lewis turned eight on Sunday, June 14th. Because of the COVID-19th pandemic, his birthday was scaled down, but no less joyful.…

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Following state and federal guidelines, Old Alabama Town reopened earlier this month. Located in downtown Montgomery, Old Alabama Town is an outdoor living history museum with 48 authentically restored 19th and early 20th century structures stretching six blocks. Visitors can see a one-room …

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Fans of two of Montgomery’s most famous residents will no doubt want to get a copy of the new book, All of the Belles: The Montgomery Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Published by New South Books, Belles tells of the Roaring Twenties, during which time Fitzgerald wrote three stories about the…