Pet of the Week




Holy Cow! What am I doing at the Shelter? I had a family! What happened to them? Oh….now I remember. They were moving and I couldn’t go with them. Booooo….My name is Mattie and I am an eighteen-month-old bulldog mix. I am a really cute little girl that is a great size. I am not too big and I am not too small. I guess just like Goldie Locks I am just right! While I have been here I have gotten all of my vaccinations, I am heartworm negative, I have a microchip, and I have been spayed. When you come to meet me you will notice that I have a really cute under bite. Come in for a visit! I guarantee you will fall instantly in love with me and my under bite!! FYI….I love to play with a tennis ball! In fact I can play fetch all afternoon!! Lots of fun things are happening at the shelter! We have a program called “Guest Walkers!” If your office staff or a group of employees would like to come and walk dogs as a group, just call our Volunteer Coordinator and sign up! Lots of fun for you and the dogs!

Hours of Operation

Monday—Sunday    10:00—5:00

1150 John Overton Drive

Montgomery Alabama