Pet of the Week




Hello! I am Patricia! I am sure you are wondering why I am sitting here at the shelter. Well I had the same question! It seems that my family thought that I played a little too rough. I admit I can get a little excited, but all I need is a guiding hand to help me learn what is acceptable behavior with people. Some time and patience would go a long way in helping me. Another thing that would be beneficial for my training would be lots and lots of exercise! With my extra energy I can get super excited. Say, maybe I could be your jogging or running partner? You know it would be good for both of us!! While I have been here I have gotten all of my vaccinations, I was tested for heartworms, I got a microchip, and I was spayed. I am a terrier mix that is about eleven months old. Do you think I could be part of your family? When the volunteers take me out in the play yard, I have so much fun. I can make a toy out of just about anything and entertain myself! I am one of the employee and volunteer favorites because I am so sweet and fun!! I hope you will come to the shelter for a visit! If you have another dog, please bring him or her too, then you can see how well we get along!

Hours of Operation

Monday—Sunday    10:00—5:00

1150 John Overton Drive

Montgomery Alabama