The Montgomery Quarterback Club with speaker Tommy Tuberville



Tommy Tuberville

The Montgomery Quarterback Club will hold its first meeting of the new season on Tuesday, September 12. Tommy Tuberville, former head coach at Auburn University and current ESPN college football analyst, will be the featured speaker. The club will honor the Private and Public Schools Players of the Week.

Sharron Gjesvold joins finance department at Success Unlimited Academy



Sharron Gjesvold

As a result of the increase in enrollment, a new position was added this year at Success Unlimited Academy (SUA).  Sharron Gjesvold joined the finance department as Assistant Finance Director in August. “I am excited to be a part of the SUA family.  I have 18 years experience in school Finance in the public school system and I am eager to learn how to best assist the parents, teachers and students here at SUA,” stated Gjesvold.  “I look forward to getting to know the staff and students better.  It is so exciting to be in a school setting.  There is always something fun happening.  Of course, there is also lots of work.  Our most pressing task this month is to make sure all of the student files are updated and complete.  I think we are on track for a productive year.”