White makes life easier for Eagles offense

White evades tacklers in last year’s season opener against Elmore County. The Eagles will host the Panthers to open the 2017 season.


   After rushing for more than 1,700 yards in 2016, you wouldn’t think there were a lot of areas where Keefe White needed to improve.
   But if you thought that, you don’t know White, one of the hardest working athletes who is driven to perfection in both football and track at Montgomery Academy.

What’s Your HQ – Heart Quotient?

By Dr. John Ed Mathison

John Ed Mathison

A couple of my friends have recently died unexpectedly from heart failure.  I had been with them in normal social settings just a couple days before their sudden death.  The heart is a strategic part of the human anatomy.  It must function effectively or we won’t stay alive.  About one in four deaths are the result of heart disease.

I read about a new $100 electrocardiogram machine about the size of two sticks of gum.  A person at risk with a heart condition can use this device to monitor their “ticker” without bulky equipment or frequent doctor’s visits.  Pressing his/her finger to the device for 30 seconds transmits a medical-grade EKG to their smartphone.

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It’s broke and we need to fix it


I graduated from Jeff Davis High School in 1985, a school I live just a few blocks from today.

I can’t imagine a scenario growing up where my parents could have afforded for me and my three siblings to attend private school. I also can’t imagine a scenario where they would send us to attend a public school today that wasn’t part of the magnet program.

Growing up, private school  wasn’t a necessity for a decent education, at least not until my brother Jeremy, nine-years younger, entered the 5th grade at Vaughn Road elementary. In hindsight, Jeremy most likely would have received a perfectly good education in the public school system, but things quickly began to spiral out of control for Montgomery schools.

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